"It happens to everyone. This is no excuse, but it's an explanation of sorts. And it all began with a road trip.

   There we were. I believe it was Thom, Marc, ted and myself. We were on a cross-country mission from Boston to Indianapolis. Actually, we were on our way Back from Indianapolis to Boston. We'd left Indiana behind and it was my turn at the wheel there in Ohio.

   Unfortunately I'd not been paying close enough attention to where we were or how we got there. Suddenly there was a "whoop whoop" and flashing blue lights behind us. Of course i pulled over immediately. Knowing the S.O.P. (if not the particular reason we drew the attention of law enforcement) i shut the car off and got out my driver's license. By the time the trooper walked up to my window, i had my hands firmly on the wheel where the trooper could see them and had also retrieved my registration.

   Of course those're the first things for which he asked -my license and registration. He didn't say anything else, he just took them back to his car where he could radio it in."

   Marc and Thom made sure to spend the intermission razzing me. It seemed they didn't think that the State Trooper was intimidating enough, they had to remind me of all the worst-case scenarios that could result here. -Not the least of which was a huge fine for whatever it is i did. He did finally come back though.

   "You realize you were speeding?"

   What? No, I'm sorry, Sir. i guess i hadn't. You see, we're on this long roadtrip and maybe I'm alittle tired and i was just concentrating on the road. i guess i didn't even notice the speedometer.

   Oh? Wow. Sorry. -Um, wait, isn't the speed limit 70 on these open highways?

   -That's when he laughed.