It was late and I was driving home from the bars. I’d dropped girlfriend off at the airport earlier that evening and was driving her car -which she’d left almost at Empty. I had to stop for gas. When I went in to prepay, there was a man screaming into the telephone: “OKAY! FINE THEN! SCREW YOU!”. As I was grabbing a coke, he came up to me and asked if he could bum a short ride and a jumpstart off me. His roommate wouldn’t get out of bed to give him a hand, but his car was right around the corner. “Sure” I said and went to the cashier. When I came outside to pump the gas, the dude was already in my car. I topped-off the tank and hopped in the car myself. I started it up and asked him: “Where to?” He pointed down the street alittle and said: “just drive”.

   When I pulled out onto the road, the first thing he asked me was: “Are you a cop?” What? I had long hair, a goatee, and I was wearing my leather biker jacket. “Yeah”, I laughingly said, “I’m a cop.”. He immediately got alittle agitated and said: “No, man, I gotta know. Are you a cop?”. What? “No, dude, I’m not a cop.” But I’m thinking I’m about to get rid of this guy anyway, so let’s just get him to his car. “Where’s your car?” I ask. “No”, he says. “You just said you’re a cop. Are you or aren’t you?”. What? “No, of course I’m not a cop, now where’s your car?” That’s when he pulls out a gun and says: “Just drive”.

   Actually, I’ve been held at gunpoint before and I’m not all that freaked out or anything. I don’t have alotta money directly on me, so the guy’s not gonna get much. I don’t think I’m in all that much trouble. I’m just figuring that I’m gonna be even later getting home. Daggit, I’m tired and I wanna go to bed!

Me: Dude, I’m tired and I wanna goto bed. What is this all about?
Dude: As long as I have this gun, you do what I say. Now go straight.
Dude: Turn left.
Dude: Go straight.
Dude: Down that road there...